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A/Prof Kaffes has been a leader in education in Australia from university teaching through to advanced education being the founder of the ENDOSKILLS live courses for specialists and surgeons. The endoskills courses were established to provide practical technique demonstration for colleagues to learn state of the art and cutting edge methods. Endoskills GI has a focus on gastroscopy, colonoscopy and small bowel Endoscopy. Endoskills PB has a focus on ERCP and EUS where diseases of the pancreas, bile duct and gall bladder are presented. Invited international and national experts converge to discuss and demonstrate the very latest.

University teaching includes medical student lectures, tutorials and interactive PBL sessions. Online lectures for the masters programme in addition to Junior doctors lectures and regular teaching rounds. 

Registrars specialising in gastroenterology at both RPAH and POWH in gastroenterology and basic skills in Endoscopy including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and basic procedural skills such as polypectomy, ablation and dilatation. 

An Advanced gastroenterology fellowships in therapeutic Endoscopy was established at RPAH in 2008 by A/Prof Kaffes. This programme is available for Overseas doctors who have completed their specialist training but wish for additional training in advanced endoscopic techniques. Doctors from Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Philippines and Holland have worked with
A/Prof Kaffes to learn advanced Endoscopy techniques such as ERCP, EUS, enteroscopy amongst other cutting edge techniques. 

The ability to remain at the forefront is driven by a passion for bettering practice. This can only be done with a drive for clinical research and A/Prof A Kaffes has published over 50 manuscripts in the areas he teaches and demonstrates in. Please see the section on research for more details.

My current involvement in education:

Invited lectures / Endoscopy workshops

Australian Gastroenterology Week Annual invitation to lecture, chair and for live endoscopy

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Delhi India)

Enterocon (Kolkata India)  

Westmead Annual Endoscopy Symposium 

First annual double balloon workshop, Malaysia 

Double balloon endoscopy symposium (Chicago) 

Dusseldorf Endoscopy workshop  

Gut foundation Tri Nations  

Sydney capsule endoscopy meeting 

KL annual therapeutic endoscopy workshop 

Hong Kong therapeutic endoscopy workshop 

Japanese Digestive diseases week (JDDW) 

Korean interventional endoscopy symposium 

Malaysian endoscopy symposium  

T-Cap (Tokyo University)

Asia Pacific Digestive Week APDW (faculty)

Digestive diseases week (DDW) (faculty)

Mumbai Live

Shenyang China Live

Nanjing international 








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